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      XGecu T56 Universal programmer

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      SIZE: 12.9cm x 8.5cm x 2.9cm
      Super performance/Super speed/ Super small portable/ Cool appearance/ Low power consumption / Super stability

      XGecu TL866II Plus USB High Performance Programmer

      Well-designed cheap professional programmer, Production of high-density SMD technology, a unified user interface, easy to use, fully functional, reliable program running of application software, ultra-small code -runs faster, supports bilingual(English and Chinese), it can automatically identify the operating system to install and run under WIN 2000/WIN XP/WIN 2003/WIN 2008/WIN VISTA /WIN7/WIN8/WIN10 (32BIit/64Bit).



      Application Software and Others

      • XGecu T56 Introduce

        Introduce the comprehensive performance of programmer

      • important tips on Piracy:(Click here See the pirated Picture)

        1. TL866CS/A programmer has ceased production. If there is a large number of sales may be counterfeit products.

        2. There is a large number of pirated TL866CS/A programmers in the market. Counterfeit products can not test every IOs of the programmer, and the quality of products can not be guaranteed.

        3. Do not use the third party cloning software to operate the program firmware illegally, otherwise the warranty was cancelled.

      • TL866 Specail Adapters

        TSOP32/40/48 SOP56 SOP44 Specail

      • Dealer List

        Distributor and dealer

      • TL866II instruction manual (English)

        TL866II Plus instruction manual

      • T56 Plus IC Support List

        IC supported List. for T56

      • TL866II Plus IC List

        IC supported List.

      • T56/TL866II PlusApplication Software Download

        (Not Support TL866CS/A programmer)
        Download T56/TL866II Plus Application software for win2000/xp/2003/2008/VISAT/win7/win8/WIN10


        Upgrade History

      • Please check the new upgrade record in the forum
        Version: V10.05 --2020.3.26
          INTEL 28Fxxx TSOP48/TSOP56
          ISSI29GLxxxx TSOP48/TSOP56/BGA48/BGA64
          XGecu T56 Support:21482 pcs( +260 pcs)
          TL866II Plus Support:15918 pcss( +66 pcs)
        2.Fix some known Bugs.

        Version: V10.02 --2020.3.20
        XGecu T56 Support:21222 pcs( +271pcs)
        TL866II Plus Support:15852
        2. Fix some known Bugs.
        Version: V10.01 --2020.3.16
        (T56 and TL866II Plus) Huahong BH25xxx
        XGecu T56 Support:20951 pcs
        TL866II Plus Support:15852
        (T56)SST27SFxx/SST39VFxxx Pindect set error
        SAMSUNG:K9F1G08U0B ID error
        Version: V10.00 --2020.3.14
        1.T56 Supported
        XGecu T56 IC Support:20917 pcs
        TL866II Plus IC Support:15821
        2.Fixed some known Bugs。
        Version: V9.16 Support:15821--2020.1.9
        HN58C256AP MR45V032A MR45V064B MR45V256A
        MR44V064B MR44V100A
        2.Fixed some known Bugs。
        Fixed:MT29F4G08ABAEA pagsize set
        Fixed:MT29F8G08ABAEA pagsize set
        Version: V9.00 Support:15808--2019.10.22
        1. A lot of optimization was done in V9.00 .
        2. Newly added about 300 chips supported. (Please check the list of supported )
        3. Fix some known Bugs.
        Version: V8.51 Support:15511--2019.5.13
        ADD: FMND1G08U3D @TSOP48 FMND1G08U3J @TSOP48
        FMND2G08U3D @TSOP48 FMND2G08U3J @TSOP48
        PSU1GA30AT @TSOP48 PSU1GA30BT @TSOP48
        PSU1GA30HT @TSOP48 PSU2GA30BT @TSOP48
        PSU4GA30BT @TSOP48
        MX30LF1208AA @TSOP48 MX30LF1G08AA @TSOP48
        MX30LF1G18AC @TSOP48 MX30LF1GE8AB @TSOP48
        MX30LF2G18AB @TSOP48 MX30LF2G18AC @TSOP48
        MX30LF2G28AB @TSOP48 MX30LF2G28AC @TSOP48
        MX30LF2GE8AB @TSOP48 MX30LF4G18AB @TSOP48
        MX30LF4G18AC @TSOP48 MX30LF4G28AB @TSOP48
        MX30LF4G28AC @TSOP48 MX30LF4GE8AB @TSOP48
        MX60LF8G18AC @TSOP48 MX60LF8G28AB @TSOP48
        MX60LF8G28AC @TSOP48
        MT29F1G08AACWP @TSOP48 MT29F2G08AAA @TSOP48
        MT29F2G08AAB @TSOP48 MT29F2G08AAC @TSOP48
        MT29F2G08AAD @TSOP48 MT29F2G08ABAEA @TSOP48
        MT29F2G08ABAGA(2018+64) MT29F2G08ABAGA(2048+128)
        MT29F2G08ABC @TSOP48 MT29F2G08ABD @TSOP48
        MT29F4G08AAA @TSOP48 MT29F4G08AAC @TSOP48
        MT29F4G08ABADA @TSOP48 MT29F4G08ABAEA @TSOP48
        MT29F4G08ABCWC @TSOP48 MT29F4G08BAB @TSOP48
        MT29F4G08BAC @TSOP48
        1.Fixed some other known bugs.
        Version: V8.33 Support:15466--2019.3.25
        ADD: PIC18F1220 @DIP18 PIC18F1220 @SOIC18
        PIC18F1220 @SSOP20 PIC18F1320 @DIP18
        PIC18F1320 @SOIC18 PIC18F1320 @SSOP20
        PIC18LF1220 @DIP18 PIC18LF1220 @SOIC18
        PIC18LF1220 @SSOP20 PIC18LF1320 @DIP18
        PIC18LF1320 @SOIC18 PIC18LF1320 @SSOP20
        1. SST89E516RD2 algorithm.
        2. GD25Q32C/64C/128C status register.
        3.Fixed some other known bugs.
        Version: V8.30 Support:15458--2019.1.21
        ADD: GD25B128C ACE25QC160G ACE25QC320G ACE25QC128G
        1. It becomes more stable when programming NAND Flash.
        2. PIC12F509 BIN file config format adjustment.
        3. Adjust the adapter prompt interface, which is more intuitive and convenient.
        4. Add the old version of Microsoft WINUSB driver to fix the problem that the driver cannot be installed on individual XP.
        5. Fixed pin detection errors of some chips.
        6. Fixed some other known bugs.
        Version: V8.11 Support:15429--2018.11.16
        support PIN to PIN adapter TQFP32 to DIP32 directly. Replanning all of chip adapter tips .and the use of more convenient, more clearly.
        Version: V8.08 Support:15411--2018.10.30
        FIXED: SST26VF064B
        Version: V8.07 Support:15401--2018.10.23
        ATF22V10C ATF22V10C(UES) ATF22V10CEXT
        ATF22V10CQ ATF22V10CQ(UES)
        ATF22V10CQZ ATF22V10CQZ(UES)
        ATF22V10CZ ATF22V10CZ(UES)
        Version: V8.05 Support:15360--2018.10.20
        ATF22V10B ATF22V10BL ATF22V10BQ ATF22V10BQL
        next step: will add more PLD chips.
        FIXED: GAL22V10B M95320W M95128W
        VERSION: V8.02 Support:15315 --2018.10.16
        FIXED: PIC16C54C algorithm.
        Version: V8.01 Support:15315 --2018.10.9
        FIXED: M48T58Y algorithm.
        Version: V8.00 Support:15315 --2018.09.29
        ADD: EC Controller KB9010/KB9012/KB9016/KB9018/KB9022
        the software function be improved and the window size can be zoomed.
        FIXED: some known BUG.
        Version: V7.38 Support:15310 --2018.09.05
        /ZB25VQ32/ZB25VQ64/ZB25VQ128 ZB25LQ40/ZB25D40/ZB25D80/ZB25D16 M48T02/M48T08/M48T08Y/M48T12/M48T18/M48T35AY M48T35AV/M48T58/M48T58Y/M48T59/M48T59Y/M48T59V M48T128Y/M48T128V/M48T129Y/M48T129V/M48T512Y M48T512V/M48T513Y/M48T513V
        Version: V7.35 Support:15237 --2018.08.23
        FIXED: HEX files load
        ADD: DS1265Y DS1265AB
        PIC12F1822 PIC12LF1822 PIC16F1823 PIC16LF1823
        PIC16F1824 PIC16LF1824 PIC16F1825 PIC16LF1825
        PIC16F1826 @DIP18 PIC16F1826 @SOIC18 PIC16F1826 @SSOP20
        PIC16LF1826 @DIP18 PIC16LF1826 @SOIC18 PIC16LF1826 @SSOP20
        PIC16F1827 @DIP18 PIC16F1827 @SOIC18 PIC16F1827 @SSOP20
        PIC16LF1827 @DIP18 PIC16LF1827 @SOIC18 PIC16LF1827 @SSOP20
        PIC16F1828 PIC16LF1828 PIC16F1829 PIC16LF1829
        Version: V7.32 Support:15188 --2018.07.17
        ADD: MB85R256H
        FIXED: DS1245/DS1250 Algorithm(read and write)
        Version: V7.30 Support:15169 --2018.06.29
        ADD: GD25Q32C/64C/127C/128C OTP Security Registers programming
        LH28F640BFE-PT LH28F640BFE-PB TC58NVG0S3ETA00
        FIXED: W25QXX Read OTP Security Registers Algorithm
        Version: V7.22 Support:15156 --2018.06.04
        FIXED: M27C801 Algorithm
        ADD Spanish menu supported
        Version: V7.21 Support:15156 --2018.05.15
        FIXED: S25FL256S /512S PIC16C71 / AT29C256 PINDetect
        ADD chips: PIC16F87/88 SOIC20
        Version: V7.11 Support:15144 --2018.04.17
        ADD: GD25B32 SO8_SOP16/GD25B64 SO8_SOP16
        Fix:DS1220(RW) Algorithm
        Version: V7.10 Support:15138 --2018.04.8
        German Supported
        Fix:S24S45 @SOP8 MX25L6445E Algorithm
        Version: V7.08 Support:15138 --2018.03.29
        ADD:S25FL256S @SOIC8 S25FL256S @SOIC16
        Russian Supported
        Fix:MX25L12845E @SOP16 Algorithm
        Version: V7.07 Support:15130 --2018.03.17
        ADD: IC to 15130
        Fix:SST39LF/VFxxxx TSOP48 Pin Detect function
        Fix:Some 25 serials auto selection
        Version: V7.05 Support:15118 --2018.03.01
        Add English instruction
        Version: V7.03 Support:15118 --2018.02.26
        TL866II Plus Release First.
      • TL866A/CS Application Software( V6.85 ) Download

        Download TL866 Application software
        (Old Hardware)

      • VERSION: V6.85 Support:14337--2018.10.19
        ADD: ATF20V8B
        FIXED: GAL22V10B M95320W M95128W
        Version: V6.82 Support:14318--2018.07.24
        ADD: MB85R256H
        FIXED: DS1245/DS1250 Algorithm(read and write)
        Version: V6.71 Support:14299 --2018.04.17

        PM25LQ512 /010/020/040/080/016/032 GD25B32 /GD25B64
        Fix: S24S45 DS1220(RW)Algorithm.

        Version: V670 Support:14260 --2018.03.7

        AK6410/6420/6440/6480 AK6510/6512/6514/6516 BY25Q10/20/40/80/16/32/64/128 K8D1616x/1716x/3216x/6316x K8P1615U/K8P3215U/K8P6415U
        Fix:MX25L6475E @SOP16 Algorithm and BR93Hxx Algorithm.

        Version: V6.60 Support:14177 --2017.5.09

        IS25LQ080B/IS25LQ016B /IS25LQ032B




        Version: V6.50 Support:14037 --2015.12.25

        ADD:Support 25 Flash OTP programm
        Support 1.8V 25 serials Flash (Need special Adapter DIY)
        Ic Support up to 14000+, more detail see IC supported List.

        Version: V6.17 Support:13216 --2015.07.11

        Fix:ATMEGA48 Algorithm for Compatibility

        Version: V6.16 Support:13216 --2015.06.12

        Fix:some ATMEGA8 Fuse bits Program

        Version: V6.13 Support: 13216 --2015.06.09

        Add: Write and Read for DS1245/DS1249/DS1250.
        Fix : AM2716B SM8958A(TQFP44) Algorithm

        Version: V6.10 Support13207 --2014.07.16

        BG25Q40A BG25Q800A BG25Q160A W25Q16DV W25Q32FV W25Q40CL W25Q64FV W25Q80DV W25Q128FV
        Fix : AT25128/AT25160/AT25320 Algorithm for Compatibility.

        Ver: V6.00 Support : 13183 --2014.01.07

        Add function:
        A. Automatic Install for WIN8 System
        B. Support simultaneously burn with 4 Programmers each computer.
        C. support different DPI display modes for WINDOWS systems.
        D. Limited a Fake TSOP48 Adapter
        MD25D40/80/16 GD25Q128C GD25Q128B N25Q032A N25Q064A AT25DF641 Micropchip 93LC46X/56X/66X/76X etc.
        Fix:Micropchip 24LC65

        Version: V5.91 Support:13143 --2013.03.09

        AB28F200B5-T AB28F200B5-B AB28F400B5-T AB28F400B5-B AB28F800B5-T AB28F800B5-B
        Fix:ATTINY24/44/84/25/45/85 Fuse Bits Program

        Version: V5.90 Support : 13137 --2013.03.04

        SST 39VF088 AB28F200BX-T AB28F200BX-B AB28F400BX-T AB28F400BX-B JS28F800B3T JS28F800B3B JS28F800C3T JS28F800C3B JS28F160B3T JS28F160B3B JS28F160C3T JS28F160C3B JS28F320B3T JS28F320B3B JS28F320C3T JS28F320C3B
        QB25F016S33B QB25F160S33B QB25F320S33B QB25F640S33B QH25F016S33B QH25F160S33B QH25F320S33B QH25F640S33B
        M25P128(25P28V6G) @FPN8 M25P128(25P28V6G) @SOP16 MX25L1605D/3205D/6405D
        MX29LV160EB MX29LV160ET MX29LV320EB MX29LV320ET MX29LV640EB MX29LV640ET EN29LV320AT EN29LV320AB EN29LV640B EN29LV640T
        Fix:MBM29DL640 Algorithm and Sotware Project Compatibility

        Version: V5.80 Support: 13071 --2012.11.01

        Add :
        1、28C04/16/64/256 @PLCC32
        2、M27C801 (DIP32/PLCC32/TSOP32) M25PX80/16
        3、Nantronics N25S10/20/40/80/16 MX25L5121E MX25L1021E
        4、SST 36VF1601/36VF1602/36VF3203/36VF3204
        6、Read and write for DALLAS DS12xxx
        7、25 series automatic identification
        Fix:SM59R05/09/16G6 Encrypt Algorithm、PIC12C508A Config bits Program

        Version: V5.70 Support: 12938 --2012.08.27

        PIC16F/LF722A PIC16F/LF723A PIC16F716(DIP18/SOIC18/SSOP20)
        PCF8582 PCF8594 PCF8598 AM24LC21 AM24LC21B BR24C21(F/FJ/FV)
        AT24C21 MICROCHIP 24C21 24C21A CAT24C21 ST24FC21 ST24LC21B
        ST M29W640FB/FT W25Q128BV
        S29JL032Hxxxx, S29JL064Hxxxx S29JL032Jxxxx, S29JL064Jxxxx
        Fix: W29C040,PIC16F722/723,S29GLXXXX Compatibility problem.




        >>>Initial Version: V1.00 --2010.06.18

      TL866II Plus VS Old Production

      Description TL866II Plus TL866A TL866CS
      Pin Dectected
      1.8V supported
      ISP for 24/93/25 MCU
      only MCU
      25 Nor Flash
      Maximum capacity
      Multi Programming
      (4 Programmers)
      VPP Max.Voltage
      VCC Voltage
      Device List
      In Production

      The Outstanding advantages of TL866II programmer

      1. Support simultaneously burn with 4 Programmers each computer
      2. The Minimum Volume and the lowest Power Consumption and Do not Feel any Heat in Process.
      3. All chips do not need external power supply, the low power consumption of its own to ensure that the USB port can provide enough power.
      4. Best internal 40 Pins over voltage protection, the strongest VCC/VPP 4-level overcurrent protection. The short-circuit do not reset the PC.
      5. Wide range of chip 15000+ support, support for serial and parallel series 40/44/48PIN large capacity FLASH
      6. Unique serial ICSP interface. supporting the serial download and high-speed parallel high voltage programming. Note: TL866CS does not support ICSP
      7. Test CMOS4000 74/54 series integrated circuit. Can be located in the gate circuit error.
      8. Chip auto serial number is the most complete and practical.
      9. Original chip encryptionoperation on AVR microcontroller with internal RC Calibration byte. The Decrypt software can not be directly run on another same type of chip.


      High Speed Programming

      This programmer has Built-in MCU with high-performance and high-capacity USB interface at the communication speed of 12Mbps being in line with ( For each chip) well-designed programming algorithm and USB high-speed communications. It may be one of the fastest integrated development programmers, the speed has been met the needs of small-quantity efficient production.


      Unique ultra-low power consumption

      The whole programmer is equipped with the ultra-low power chips and it is furnished with electricity via USB Interface. It is the first comprehensive programmer to program all the chips without an external power supply. Their own power consumption is less than 65mA and Programming power loss rate is less than 20% so that the programmer can supply the high VCC VPP programming electric current. Programmable chip can be provided with enough programming power (the largest programming power output is 2 watts that is impossible for a chip to use 2 watts of programming power). And you hardly feel the heat of the programmer after such long continuous work.


      easily portable performance

      This is one of the smallest products in the world and the dimensions are 10CM*6CM*2.5CM (it is as small as a driving license). In addition, you don't need to carry with an external power supply because of its ultra-low power that makes it more portable.


      Programmable programming power supply

      VPP and VCC programming voltages are independently program-controlled: programmable VCC is from 1.8V to 6.5V; VPP is from 1.8V to 18V. The fluctuation of power supply is minor because of the multi-stage LC filter.


      Best overvoltage, overcurrent protection

      VCC, VPP power supply of the Programmer is furnished with the independent Grade 3 overcurrent protection and the protection of automatically cutting off power supply. Each pin of 40-pin programming socket has VPP overvoltage protection. It can effectively prevent from putting a chip in the wrong place or short circuit due to other reason. In this programming case, it can also stop VPP high voltage from coming back to the internal of the programmer and damaging the device. Really make sure that the programmer will not be damaged when there is any worst-case short circuit. At the same time, the programmed chip can be efficiently protected.
      This programmer will cut off the programming power supply VPP and VCC within 100us and send the message to the application program when there is short circuit. The programmer and PC won't be reset when there is short circuit because of the multilevel overcurrent protection.


      40PIN universal pin

      It is the most versatile pin among 40PIN quasi-universal pins. You don't need to move or turn around the chip when programming, just congruously put the chip forward and the handle direction of the programmer is the PIN1 place. Its design accords with the common operating habit of user.


      upgrading Function

      This programmer is equipped with upgrading Function of the built-in hardware firmware program that can make sure your programmer's firmware flash and application software can be timely updated. You can complete the upgrade by downloading the upgrading program through the manufacturer's website.


      Second development function of chip serial number

      This programmer has a variety of automatic numbering functions that are used commonly. You can get any serial number through DLL Dynamic Link Libraries by using the custom algorithm. In mass production, the function enables each chip to produce only one identifying information that can be encrypted by the custom algorithm. So you can effectively protect your rights as a customer.


      Unique universal serial programming interface ICSP

      This programmer can program through the 40-PIN universal socket and is provided with an ICSP serial programming port. For some in-circuit serial programmable chips, you can program MCU by choosing ICSP port. You can get the clear instruction diagram in the programming software for the ICSP port wiring method. That is to say, you can directly program and update the chip soldered on the board.
      Note: Now ICSP can in-circuit serial program 24/25/93 Serials ,ATMEL89S51, ATMEL89S52, AT45DBxxx, a whole series of AVR ATMEGAxxx, MICROCHIP PIC10Fxxx 12Fxxx 16Fxxx 18Fxxx, as well as a full serial of SYNCMOS SM59Dxx SM59Rxx. The variety of microcontroller that can be supported in-circuit programming will be continually increased in the future. Six ICSP wires of this programmer, except a ground wire, other wires led full functional I2C, SPI and UART serial main wire, be suitable for all kinds of serial communication. In addition, each wire can supply VCC, VPP or GND with high current.


      54/74F/LS/HC CMOS4000 series IC functional tests

      This is the first development programmer to test the common logic integrated circuit and this test can be located the errors of logic gate circuit, as well as test any possible input combinations of integrated circuit.


      Programmer self-testing function

      This programmer can test itself on each pin of VPP, VCC, GND and I/O information, at the same time it can run an inside short-circuit test on VPP, VCC current.


      AVR microcontroller one-to-one soft encryption

      AVR microcontroller has an RC Calibration (calibrate bytes). Only one of dozens of chips may have the same bytes value and it cannot be modified. Microcontroller software can read this value and determine whether the code is used by other chips. Through custom encryption algorithm, it can stop those who decrypt chips with ulterior motives from directly using. The encryption algorithm is so complex that it is not easy to decrypt. But, about "encryption", there is a problem for developers - each chip is different - it is impossible to manually calculate one by one and respectively compile source code if the algorithm is complex. This programmer can automatically read into RC bytes before programming. The developer can get the bytes value of the chip in the DLL dynamic function and then automatically calculate the encrypted data according to the request and put it in the memory, efficiently completing mass production. (A detailed encrypted instance of the ATMEGA8 in the installation package is available for reference)


      Unified and convenient user interface

      The user interface is well-designed and is in complete accord with the operating habit of the Windows series of software. Built-in binary editer is comparable to pure professional editing software. You can directly read, write and modify the files such as BIN format, HEX format, JED format and so on. In addition, it has the complete and practical project mode that makes the mass production more convenient and safer.